10 Backup Software Open Source Is Best For Windows

List of 10 best software to perform a backup on a windows operating system that can save a lot of time

10 Software Backup Open Source Terbaik
10 Software Backup Open Source Terbaik
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10 Backup Software Open Source is Best For Windows is the most popular and widely used today to perform a data backup from the laptop and the computer to the storage media such as external hdd. Another benefit of from the list of the sofware open source, here is the user can see and access directly the source code of this app and can make tweaks or other changes. In addition to ease of use, open source is also widely used because it can be said to be cheap in the implementation process as well as the use was, and has been widely used in data center, office, education and even personal in the home.

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Windows Backup Software Open Source

Let’s see the following below is a data backup software with open source licenses are the best out there. Some backup software data below can be run on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


This backup Software is a data backup software open source the most of the old. The name AMANDA is given at the moment developed at the University of Maryland first. AMANDA itself has an extension Adance Maryland Disk Archive.

Amanda is a program that can be scheduled, automated, and monitoring that features native backup such as tar for Unix and Linux as well as zip for Windows. Software backup allows to recover dokumena any that have been previously stored when a failure occurs hardware with all file types supported by Amanda.


Bacula originally created and developed by Kern Sibbald, Bacula itself is not bada-horned yes. Inspiration of the development of bacula is own by Kern Sibbald is to replace data backup software that often did he see and discover in the data center, and have a dream to someday be able to replace the software with Bacula that he developed.

Features of bacula itself is a common feature found on a data backup software other, scheduler, automation and tracking the overall data backup, allowing the user to be able to easily restore the desired data.


Second backup software open source Amanda and Bacula has a behavior like a conventional software backup of the other, which has the feature to be able to do a backup to disk or tape(ribbon).

BackupPC has a function that is only to perform a data backup to disk with the same process as the previous software. Melukan backup data in a systematic and sequential and store the backup in the format of the original. Although so, BackupPC is a selection of interesting if the backup process is desired to perform a data backup of such files.

Box Backup

Box Backup is an open source, fully automated, system data backup online. All information and data that have been stored on the server in the form of files and encrypted. Sotware backup does not use additional devices such as tape, disk drives, and so forth as online data backup completely.


BareOS is a set of programs of a computer system which allows a technician IT can perform backup, recovery/data recovery and confirm the data the computer through the network. Data backup Software open source can also be independently runs on one computer and can perform the process of data backup to tape and disk. In technical terms, the backup software bareos is called layan backup client server.


Clonezilla is a backup software open source work to do the cloning from partition or hard drive in accordance with its name. Clonezilla itself can be dikatanya resembles some software ghost that was often used and still available in the market until now. Backup Software Open Source is Best For Windows can be used to be able to do the process of the implementation of the operating system on many computers and servers at the same time.


FOG is a cloning software open source and free of charge, recovery and collection of images. This Software can be used to create an image of the Windows operating system and consists of attributes such as the examination of memory and disk, disk cleanup, scan anti-virus, and organizing.

Areca Backup

Areca Backup is an improvement reserves the individual Open Source, which was launched under the General Public License (GPL) v2. This basically allows You to select a set of documents / directories to back up, choose where and how (as a simple file, as a zip archive, …) they will be stored, and also configure the actions of the post-backup (such as send notes to reserves via email or introduce manuscript cover personalized).


UrBackup is easy to configure backup system client / server Open Source, which with the combination of the photo and also backup data to achieve data security and is also a time of quick fixes. Files, and backup photos, created while the system is running without interrupting the procedure.


Duplicati is a software program free backup to save a backup of encrypted online for Windows, macOS and Linux. Duplicati collaborate with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, WebDAV along with popular solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Google Drive,, Mega, hubiC, and also a lot of other.

Duplicati meruapakn software which is free and also open source. Duplicati can be used without the cost and also for commercial purposes. The source code is certified under the LGPL. Duplicati can be run on operating system Windows, Linux, MacOS and membutuhkan.NET 4.5 or Mono.

Backup Software Open Source Best which will be used ?

Choose a backup software open source data entirely dependent on the function of the owned as well as needs. One of the elements that are important to have is that BackupPC and Amanda need a Linux server to be able to set up backup and Bacula has a Windows server to be able to do the same thing.

List of 10 best software to perform a backup on a windows operating system that can save a lot of time and all backup software open source best above very popular. Which one will be selected and used ?, it depends on what is in need. Which features are absolutely amazing from the backup software open source best is they can be downloaded, installed and can be used at no cost at all. So it can be easily and freely to determine which is much better for the needs as well as appropriate after trying all of that.

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