Tips Tricks to Improve WordPress SEO Website

Tips Tricks to Improve WordPress SEO Website. In this post I will provide Tips on Tricks to improve SEO on websites that are built with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Follow the simple SEO tips and tricks below to make your WordPress site more leverage in search results. But before you read WordPress SEO tips, you should first know the importance of optimizing SEO on the website below.


SEO is very important to increase visitors for websites and blogs, because with optimal SEO and of course the maximum will be very influential with the business that we run through the online world, people will never know our business, our products if our website has never been visited. To introduce our blog or website in addition to blog walking and promotion on social media the main way to enter our blog or website is through search engines, so we must optimize our website so that it is displayed on search engines so people will automatically visit our blog or website.

By optimizing SEO, you will get traffic from search engines for free and this will certainly be a way to generate visitors in the long run differently than when you do an advertising marketing campaign where you will experience a decrease in visitors when the ad program you run ends . And let’s look at the simple tips and tricks below to improve the SEO of your WordPress blog or website.


  1. Remember Content is King, so make content that is interesting, clear and easy to understand, people come to our website is to look for answers to questions on search engines, so if our content is interesting and according to what the visitor expects then the visitor will feel happy and our website can be a reference for visitors. Make detailed content and standard SEO-compliant articles such as writing content that is at least a minimum of 600 words. and don’t forget to always update content that is interesting and provides a solution for visitors.
  2. Optimize Content with Keywords, it’s useless if we create good content but not read by search engines, therefore optimize your content so that it is easy to index on search engines and get ranked on the first page. Enter keywords in your article and don’t forget that if you use h2 or h3 tags, always include keywords in them.
  3. Website design, make your website attractive and responsive, so visitors do not get bored and enjoy reading your articles, layout your website appealingly, with fonts that are pleasant to read. For responsiveness, it is very important, because nowadays there are many visitors who are browsing using smartphones, so making your website automatically adjusts to the device of each visitor so that visitors feel comfortable accessing your website. if you need a responsive and SEO friendly WordPress template, don’t be confused because in the center click on a lot of responsive website templates and of course with a very good and free design, please see the Free WordPress Responsive Best Design Collection.
  4. Optimize SEO on images, if on your website using images to beautify content, then don’t forget to optimize SEO in the image, to optimize SEO on images use WordPress SEO Friendly Image plugins. Image is also one source of traffic in addition to content. Because also many people use image search through search engines. If you do not want to use the plugin, you can always manually fill in the tags “alt” and “description” every time you upload and use images to be included in your article.
  5. Create an xml sitemaps on your website and submit your website sitemap.xml to Google webmastertool and Bing webmastertool, so that your website url will be listed on Google and Bing search engines. This way the search engine will be easier to crawl your site and will get a faster index.
  6. Create the SEO Friendly permalink of your WordPress website, to see how to change permalink see in the article How to Set Settings on WordPress. Beautiful permalinks or URLs proved to be effective in the competition in the ranking of search results, and in this section do not forget to also always enter keywords in the URL because the URL is always read by search engines in finding articles.
  7. Create your website’s domain name from non-www to www or vice versa, choose one. because to avoid duplicate content by entering the script below into .htaccess. Or you can also buy a domain name that contains keywords that you aim at.
  8. Optimize content with Title H1 and for subtitles H2-H3, because google search engines are very happy with content like this. This way makes Google better understand structured and clearer content. Content with clear tags will be prioritized by Google to be displayed on the first page.
  9. Use Share Social Networking on your website and content, so that your website can easily be shared on various kinds of social media to promote and share articles that you make. for the social Share plugin option.
  10. Use the Yoast All in one SEO or WordPress Plugin on your WordPress, this plugin is proven to be effective in improving WordPress SEO.

The above are some simple SEO tips and tricks that you can apply to your WordPress site. Hopefully this article is useful and helps your website or blog get a better ranking in search results.